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we not only understand your needs, but also provide comprehensive technical support.

About us

? We are a new generation of the industry, integrating the teachers and advanced technology and management of Europe, America, Japan and Taiwan to create a convenient and efficient food and energy equipment with solid technical skills.

? We are determined to make progress and introduce the concept of IoT artificial intelligence into the field of food machinery, making production management, equipment maintenance, and sales easier. Enjoy efficient and convenient work, and enjoy a comfortable and high quality life!

? We are strict in management, pursuing perfection, professional wisdom, non-standard customization, safe and reliable, reasonable structure, to ensure that all products are produced, must be a boutique!

? We take the heart, integrity, independent research and development, asset ownership as the business model, uphold the "professional, innovative, efficient" spirit of enterprise, to provide customers with all-round, multi-angle service!


The company obtained a number of practical....


Professional casting quality


Create prices for customers, employees...

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